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B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science (i.e. a five years university degree in Brazil)

M.Sc. – Masters of Science (i.e. a two years postgraduate degree in Brazil)

DIC – Diploma of Imperial College (i.e. an award granted to postgraduates of Imperial College – London)

Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy (i.e. a four years research degree in the United Kingdom)

Hab. – Habilitation (i.e. a thesis based title granted after the Ph.D. level in some Brazilian Universities)

AvH – Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (i.e. a title granted to Fellows of the German Foundation of same name)

IEEE-SM – Senior Member of IEEE Society (i.e. a title granted to outstanding member of IEEE Society)

PQ-CNPq – Accredited Researcher by Brazilian Council of Research (i.e. a title and grant to established researchers in Brazil)

Professional Agenda